Travelling as a couple

In this mad world we live in now, time spent with our partner is really important to make sure a relationship works. For couples without kids, or with grown-up children, this time is great to strengthen a relationship as it provides time to talk, relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Depending on the couple, some destinations will be better received than others, but it’s important to find out about what activities there are in the area, at the hotel, if there are places and facilities designed for rest and relaxation, such as spas, sun-loungers etc.

Travelling as a couple is relatively easy to organise, but it’s vital to reach a mutual decision on a destination.

We should take care when packing a case, and if we take two, separate things into two cases equally, if possible. Don’t fill one and leave the other empty, because if the worst happens and one gets lost or stolen, at least we’ll still have the other one.

Remember that we always buy stuff for friends or family on holiday, so if you’ve got any room left when packing, don’t go mad and pack more, just leave it, as it’ll be easier to carry later.

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