Travelling with your own vehicle: is everything ok?

If you decide to take your own vehicle, check these vital points before leaving

  • Radiator water levels, engine oil levels, lubricant, transmission oil, battery water levels, windscreen wipers, brake oil and petrol
  • Brakes should be clean and thoroughly checked; make sure brake pads aren’t worn out.
  • Headlights: check they work properly and point in the right direction.
  • Tyre pressure: depending on the weight to be carried in the car.
  • Extinguisher
  • Warning signals, triangles and reflective vest.
  • Seat belts – make sure they fasten properly and lock when they should.
  • Take an up to date insurance policy and the phone numbers for your insurers.
  • Water
  • Fully charged mobile phone.
  • Tools for changing a wheel, or for if the battery goes flat.

The DGT (Department for Traffic) also recommends resting every couple of hours. Lapses in concentration while driving are the main factor in serious accidents.

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