Playing in the water

Water activities, which were rarely heard of in times gone by, have become incredibly popular. However, water can be extremely dangerous and it’s important to always take plenty of care, whether in the pool or the sea.

Games for baby

Water is great for little ones: besides the fact that babies can’t drown in their first months of life, they take to it immediately – it’s going back their roots!

Water activities help little ones become more aware of their body, develop motor skills, co-ordination and stimulate movement.

Careful with babies’ eyes – the most sensitive part of their body. Chlorine can irritate them.

Parents should stay with their baby at all time – going at the baby’s pace – don’t rush them.

Swimming pools for baby

Children play without worrying about danger – they probably don’t even realise. This danger is multiplied in the water. Don’t take your eyes off them even for a moment, even if they can swim. A child can drown in a matter of seconds.

Adults should go with the children when they’re playing, and choose the best pool or beach; it’s vital that parents teach children to swim and also to relax when in danger in order to keep in control of the situation.

Children should have the right safety measures; such as water wings, floaters, life-jackets... it all depends on their level of ability.

Swimming is like a game. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy to learn how and so much fun. Until the child is old enough for other activities or sports, water is accessible and suitable for any age.

Children and water

Early contact with water makes it easier to learn and feel comfortable as soon as possible. What’s more, the longer kids spend away from water the more likely it is that they’ll be afraid, and this will only get worse with time.

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