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Most destinations have tourist entertainment programmes, but it’s important to find out whether they’re for kids or for all ages, and what type of entertainment is on offer. There are basically two types of entertainment: “participative” and “contemplative”.

Participative entertainment is very active and offers activities to exercise body and mind: excursions, trips, archery, beach-volley, aqua-gym, cycling, orienteering, gymkhanas...

These activities help relax and refresh both body and mind.

“Contemplative” is entertainment is events organised to entertain clients: shows, concerts, bands... The entertainment team do all the work here.

Begoña Gonzalez, from describes the entertainment in two ways with similar names but with totally different meanings.

In an active sense

It means promoting individuals’ desire to travel and take part in trip, visits or group tourism. This type of tourism is a good medium for training as well as for leisure.

Travelling is considered to be a way of collecting information on customs, ways of life... In this sense, Tourist Entertainment is designed to promote a personal discovery of the benefits of travel.

In a passive sense

Understood as the reception given to tourists visiting a specific place and the attention given to them so that they feel welcome.

In this sense, Tourist Entertainment aims to create awareness in inhabitants to allow them to see the importance of tourism for an area’s economic and cultural development. It involves raising awareness of the role of those on the receiving end of entertainment in the promotion and maintenance of tourism.

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