The best thing when organising the trip, is to get them interested in their destination and take them on excursions so that they can voice their opinions and make the trip their own.

Don’t forget to pack some snacks in their hand luggage just in case they get peckish: non-fizzy things (juice, water...) and some sweets (but not too many!).

Nature trips are a revelation. Observing plants and animal and explaining them beforehand gets them interested in what they’re going to see.

Many places on excursions are full of history: from ancient castles to abandoned villages, places of pilgrimage... These other stories about the places we visit help educate our children without them realising, making it fun.

Without having to go any further, the capitals in Andalusia offer a multitude of corners for visitors to explore - beautiful stories of princesses and adventures, such as in the bastions in Cádiz or the colourful jetty. Huelva: the link between Europe and Latin America with its magical history full of discovery… of America. Or Málaga, monumental and multicultural, with its mystical centre and that fort, erected to keep constant watch at the highest point in the city, or even the Roman Theatre, were so many plays were performed...

For more information we recommend the Guide to Andalucia

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