Dangerous sun

Take care with the sun – it’s dangerous.

Everyone knows this, but at this time of year, many people seem to forget and spending hours and hours in the sun can cause irreparable damage to adult skin

If an adult suffers with the sun on their skin, imagine what it’s like for kids; their skin is more prone to the dangerous effects of the UV rays and we should be aware that skin has a “memory”, Childhood is the key time to teach kids how to enjoy the sun safely.

Healthy habits (that you should follow)

  • Don’t take babies under six months to the beach, as their skin is too sensitive.
  • Exposure to the sun should be gradual. Don’t stay in the sun without protection for more than a quarter of an hour.
  • Always use high factor protection (best bought from a pharmacy) before sun exposure (whether at the beach or strolling around). Re-apply frequently, whenever we dry children, after they’ve been in the water...
  • Moisturise skin after sun exposure.
  • Avoid times when the sun is at its strongest; don’t just sit in the shade- leave the beach.
  • Use hats, T-shirts (dark, porous, cotton) and sun-glasses (bought at an optician or pharmacy)
  • Re-hydrate frequently by drinking juice or water (try to avoid fizzy drinks)
  • However dark-skinned the child make sure you use sun-cream
  • It-s common to encounter problems on cloudy days, as we don’t realise that UV rays pass through the clouds that hide the sun ad heat.
  • · To avoid sunstroke in children, they should be kept well-hydrated.
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