Mum and Dad’s suitcase

Tips for packing your children’s suitcases should be considered when packing your own.

One of the best tips is to choose clothes that can be mixed and matched, meaning less weight, but plenty of outfits.

Find out about the weather at our destination to avoid surprises and always take the right type of clothing: swimming costumes, coats...

Remember to include ID (passport if the trip’s abroad, as well as your country’s consulate telephone number in that country), the medical insurance card, details of bookings and tickets. If you need any medicine, make sure you’ve got the right amount so that you don’t need to track down an emergency night-time pharmacy.

To get organised, lay out the contents of the suitcase on the bed. Try to put the heaviest things furthest away from the handle so that they don’t squash everything else. Put coats and suit at the bottom, with zips and buttons done up to keep them folded better. Shirts, blouses and cotton trousers come next. Put the socks, smaller pieces of clothing and swimming costumes in the spaces.

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