What to take in the car?

Car journeys require extra care, especially when they involve the smallest members of the family.

VERY IMPORTANT – not because of fines but for the safety of your little passengers: always remember to transport them safely, in the obligatory car seat, with the straps properly fixed so they won’t come loose in the event of sudden braking.

These car seats can also be adapted to weight, size and age.

Make sure the seat carries the Security Standard ECE R44/03 (the only guarantee of safety). See the table concerning legislation for the use of safety measures.

Try to make sure that everyday articles are close to hand: bottles, milk and plastic bags for dirty clothes or nappies.

If they’re babies you’ll need bibs, wet-wipes, and changes of clothing, just in case.

For greater safety, keep a bag with everything in close at hand, as loose objects in the car can be dangerous if the car brakes sharply.

It’s a good idea to take toys, but don’t hand them out all at once, in case kids tire of them too quickly.

If your kids are old enough for cartoons, there are plenty of DVD players on the market with various screens and personalised sound, to make the trip easier for the little ones. However, some experts advise against their use as they can tire the eyes and cause headaches (leading to bad behaviour).

If they are used, they can be fine as long as the volume is kept low, and adults can still maintain a conversation.


The law regarding safety measures

Group Weight
Recommended Device
0-9 months Safety carrier / Backward facing car-seat
0-18 months Backward facing car-seat
9 months - 3 years Front-facing car-seat
3 - 6 years Booster seat with back support
6 - 12 years Booster seat


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