Baby’s case

Parents, especially first-timers, are faced with a challenge when it comes to packing baby’s case. As mentioned previously, the first thing to do is to make a list of the essentials: nappies, cream, talcum powder...

Next, think about where the destination, mainly in order to choose clothes. Even if we’re going somewhere hot, it’s important to take warm clothes in case of sudden drops in temperature, air conditioning...

If the hotels at our destination have baby care facilities (cots, pushchairs, changing mats...) we need to make sure we’ll be able to use them. If it’s unclear, make sure we can get hold of them in case of difficulties.

Don’t forget to take plenty of spares (dummies, teats...) as if they get lost it might be tricky to track down pharmacies in an emergency.

With doctor’s approval, take some remedies that can help reduce baby travel sickness.


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