In the overly technical world in which we live, where much contact between colleagues is via e-mail, teambuilding is vital to ensure workers know each other and form a good group.

Getting a group of co-workers living together for a few days or a weekend at a fantastic hotel, and motivated by training professionals, as, for example, at the seminars organised and promoted by Grupo El Fuerte at their hotel in Grazalema, el Hotel Fuerte Grazalema, is, quite simply, a great opportunity.

Hotel Fuerte Grazalema offers a line of programmes designed to make the most of your employees time together to improve personal and group skills through team sessions that can last from between 2 and 8 hours. These sessions use Teambuilding and Teamwork techniques, whether indoors, in the Hotel’s rooms, or Outdoors, in the many gardens and leisure areas.

Hiking and treasure hunts, a country gymkhana, filming ads, making short films, bike rides, orienteering, team games...

During these sessions, there tends to be a spontaneous flowering of behaviour and exchanges that are difficult to observe under different circumstances – the atmosphere becomes more laid-back and employees become calmer without things like deadlines hanging over them. Through task assignment, leadership skills come to the fore, based on trust and team cohesion around a common objective.

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In the spectacular Sierra de Grazalema, Hotel Fuerte Grazalema boasts a farm with loads of animals, for kids to enjoy Nature under the careful supervision of great monitors. Hotel Fuerte Grazalema