Don´t get bored

The kids will never have another summer like this one  - this summer is unique so make the most of it. When the little ones demand to be entertained, it’s best to take notice, or it’s bad news for everyone else!

Our plans should always include the children, as it’s a great mutual opportunity to learn and discover new things.

Education, culture and fun are the best ingredients to ensure a fun-packed summer (while they still want to be with us, and before they reach an age when the best fun is to be had with their mates, with barely a nod to mum and dad)

Classic games

Clowns, puppets, circus, those games from when we were little, “Tig”, “What time is it Mr Wolf?”…

That’s why it’s so important to go to hotels that pay attention to children’s entertainment, with plenty for them to do, under careful supervision.

If possible, we can even help them to be more creative.


History, as grown-ups know it, involves a tedious succession of names and dates – but it doesn’t have to be like that for the kids. If we focus on the adventure element of history, with epic battles, fascinating stories told by a mixed bag of characters...

Whether we tell our kids the historical tales, or leave it up to the professionals (many museums and places of interest already do this) it can make the cultural visit or activity much more fun.

Sport – new adventures

How many times have you said: “Tonight I’m going to sleep like a log”? Sport is great foe tiring children out – and even better if it’s a new sport, giving children the chance to explore and discover new worlds: archery, zip-line, tennis or paddle, beach-volley, horse-riding or, the old favourite hiking...


In Grupo El Fuerte making friends who opt for sustainable tourism helps achieve a  “culture of awareness” of the values for which we’ll be truly thankful in the future.

Recycling, visits to facilities created to promote a sustainable culture, composting...


The great musicals or sports shows; visits to the magnificent ancient theatres we have here in Andalusia to watch something entertaining; to the magnificent sporting stadiums to enjoy a game of football, volleyball, basketball, hand-ball... A break from the norm.

Family trips with teenagers

Teenage kids are a whole different story. To make sure that these family members, most of whom are too old for the aforementioned games, don’t make the holiday a nightmare for everyone else, we should be as adaptable as possible to their interests. Adventure sports such as hiking, pot-holing, canyoning, paragliding etc are all activities that, if we have the strength, can bring us closer to our kids.


Children’s entertainment. If we think ahead, we can stock up on a number of experiments to do on holiday, to keep kids’ education ticking over. Go»

Discover the surroundings. Both on the trip and at the destination, discovering their surroundings is fascinating for the little ones. Go »

Celebrate that important occasion as a family. It’s increasingly common for families to travel in order to celebrate important events together: grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren all together on a trip with fun and plenty to do for the whole family. Go »