Discover your surroundings

Both on the journey, as well as at the destination, discovering your surroundings is fascinating.

Nature has so much to see and there are also many words that our kids don’t know yet. These activities require no more than a piece of paper and pencil.

My word has...

Choose a word with plenty of letters, for example “organisation”. Each player has to find from the letters within their word, e.g. “organ”, “stain”...

On a hunt

A good game for long journeys. Each object (or animal) is worth certain points. So a motorbike has 1 point, a 120 km sign has 1 point, a sign with our destination’s name on it has 2 points...

Players are divided into two teams, and each “goes hunting” on one side of the motorway. The team with most points wins.

I know...

To encourage observation and knowledge of Nature you can play “I know...” This game involves observe the surroundings and noting down our findings.


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